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Tax and Estate Planning

October 5

The Trump family used this strategy to save on taxes

A type of trust known as a GRAT reportedly helped the Trumps save hundreds of millions of dollars in gift and estate taxes.

October 4

Super-rich are piling up wealth in black-box charities

Money flowing into donor-advised funds far outstrips grants being made from the funds.

September 7

Alternative minimum tax is a casualty of tax reform nobody will miss

Last year's overhaul is expected to slash the number of taxpayers subject to the AMT.

August 30

Here's what could happen to your taxes if Democrats regain control of Congress

Boosting the corporate tax rate, eliminating carried interest and modifying the pass-through provision are among the possibilities Democrats are discussing.

August 23

Can inherited IRAs be split in a divorce?

A new phenomenon may signal a trend in which IRAs play a bigger role in divorce settlements.

August 16

Pension plans are the new tax dodge for rich business owners

Barred from 20% tax break, wealthy professionals have found a new way to avoid hefty tax bills.

August 9

IRS provides guidance on pass-through taxes, targets loophole

Proposed regulations make it clear the agency considers splitting up businesses to get around income limits abusive.

August 3

Indexing capital gains for inflation could provide tax windfall

Observers say the proposal could open up areas of arbitrage, depending on how it's drafted.

July 26

Move to Florida to pay zero state personal income tax? Fuhgeddaboudit!

Tax collectors in states like New York make it really hard to leave.

July 19

Variety of tax benefits help offset the cost of college

Parents at all income levels can find something that works for them among options that include 529 plans, tax deductions and tax credits.

July 11

Tax loophole from 1960s could let wealthy tap 21% corporate rate

Provision related to investments held offshore could save wealthy Americans millions in taxes.

June 29

New IRS form sends taxpayers toward Intuit, away from H&R Block

But the shorter 1040 form still requires filers to provide all the same information.

June 15

Homeowners looking to dodge property tax caps turn to Alaskan trusts

Strategy involves a limited liability company and non-grantor trusts set up in a no-tax state.

June 1

Why changes to the kiddie tax are a 'big deal'

The law uses the tax rates applying to trusts and estates, rather than parents' income, to determine the tax on children's investment income.

May 31

Blackstone woos wealthy with tax-free hedge fund

Tax-free status reflects fact that investments are held in an insurance vehicle.

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