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Tax and Estate Planning

June 14

Less than perfect credit? No mortgage for you

While surveys say credit is loosening for some types of loans, standards are still far tighter than they were before the financial crisis.

June 14

How millennials can establish good credit scores

These strategies can help young investors build a strong credit histories — even if they eschew owning credit cards.

June 10

How to prepare for the aftermath of a loved one's death

Even if you have prepared, following a death there are several steps that generally require immediate attention.

June 10

Muhammad Ali's estate plan: Greatest of all time?

Valuing Mr. Ali's image rights, inheritance tax on property and the will's treatment of his nine children are a few potential estate quirks that could come up.

June 9

Think twice before you co-sign for a loan or credit card

Survey shows that 38% of co-signers had to make payments and 28% ended up damaging their credit scores.

June 3

Serving as trustee could put you at risk

When things go awry among family members or with the assets held in trust, trustees can get sued

June 2

How credit access affects your job search

The more access to credit unemployed people have, the choosier they are about the jobs they take. But is that a good thing?

May 26

Top metro areas for college grads

These areas have the most job openings, available rental units and fellow college grads.

May 25

When the kids get your long-term-care bill

The laws create the possibility that parents' long-term-care expenses may be shouldered by their children.

May 18

Many Americans still clueless about 529 plans

About 72% of Americans cannot identify the savings plans as being for college savings, a new survey shows.

May 18

Gifts to introduce new graduates to saving and investing

Professional financial planners offer suggestions for the best gifts to give recent college grads instead of cash.

May 12

Madoff sons' fight over cash continues after their deaths

Mark and Andrew Madoff died without resolving a 2009 lawsuit accusing them of squandering $150 million of investors' money.

May 11

Guaranteed ways to boost your credit score

The rule of thumb says you can tap 20 to 25% of available credit before you risk hurting your credit score.

May 5

Prince estate: Trouble brewing and still no will

The famed musician's estate faces many complications if he truly died with neither a will nor a trust.

May 4

Who gets custody of the family dog after a divorce?

While the law sees pets as property, emotional attachment can turn them into valuable bargaining chips in divorce negotiations.

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