Learning from the woes of Sears, General Electric

Instead of continuing to think big, both companies dismissed the competitive forces that were chipping away at their business models.

7 surprising things Medicare doesn't cover

Recommended strategies for filling the coverage gaps.

Daniel Crosby: Why “too good to be true” usually Is

The self-esteem movement has ruined humanity because praise does not boost your ego, accomplishment does. Daniel Crosby breaks it all down in the 10th episode of "On Your Best Behavior."


3 last-chance retirement moves for 2018

Complete rollovers, take care of qualified charitable distributions and be sure all funds related to a lump-sum distribution have been withdrawn.

Tax and Estate Planning

Getting divorced? Do it right now or pay much bigger tax bill

For divorces finalized starting next year, spouses paying alimony will no longer be able to deduct those payments.

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All eyes on stock buybacks

Corporate purchases may be the only factor capable of sustaining the equity market's rebound, analyst says

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Active managers failed to shine as equities tumbled last month

Growth managers did the worst, while value managers managed a better showing.

Tax and Estate Planning

5 year-end tax planning strategies

While the new tax laws will complicate year-end planning, there are some steps people can take.

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Meredith Whitney was wrong about munis

The banking analyst's 2010 prediction that there would be '50 to 100' defaults among state and local governments failed to pan out.

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Sell-offs are normal, but this week shocked the pros

Market's moves seem to be ignoring the healthy economy and good earnings.

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Rising interest rates fan fears over $14 trillion of corporate debt

Debt payments could weigh increasingly on company profits, as well as the payouts they make to shareholders.

Tax and Estate Planning

NFL teams in high-tax states risk talent drain

Limits on federal deduction for state and local taxes could put them at a disadvantage in negotiations with free agents

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America's student loan crisis is about to worsen

As interest rates on loans rise again, worries grow about defaults and the drag on the economy.

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What's really in your makeup and toothpaste? There are apps for that

Think Dirty and others scan the ingredients on a lipstick or shampoo label and assess whether they're safe.

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Cheap is great; free will usually cost you

In the financial services industry, free simply doesn't exist. It can't.


Social Security COLA for 2019 will be 2.8 percent

It's the largest annual cost-of-living increase in benefits since 2012.

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What can go wrong when stocks and bonds fall together

Correlated move by the two markets may signal more problems to come.

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Slice of life: American cheese is melting away

And millennials are being accused of killing yet another tradition.

Tax and Estate Planning

The Trump family used this strategy to save on taxes

A type of trust known as a GRAT reportedly helped the Trumps save hundreds of millions of dollars in gift and estate taxes.

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