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March 23

Social Security benefits losing buying power

Low inflation combined with rising Medicare costs threaten the adequacy of seniors' income.

March 15

Social Security budget cuts lead to declining customer service

Telephone, in-person wait times soar as the demand for retirement benefits rises.

March 2

Future retirees more vulnerable to income shocks

Increased use of annuities and reverse mortgages could improve outcomes.

February 22

Social Security underpaid 82% of dually entitled widows and widowers

Agency failed to tell survivors that they could switch to a higher retirement benefit later

February 16

Tough tax season for victims of Social Security hack

Crooks stole their benefits, but the victims received 1099s for reportable income.

February 9

Social Security accounts get hacked

Setting up an online account is a first step in preventing fraud, but it's not foolproof.

February 2

Timing is crucial for Social Security and Medicare

Picking the wrong date could cost you benefits or trigger penalties.

January 19

Beware: Medicare surcharges can change throughout year based on latest tax return

This 'dispatch from the retirement front' explains that updated tax records can make higher Medicare premiums retroactive.

January 19

Lawsuits push 401(k) plan sponsors to cut fees

About 83% of plan sponsors reviewed their fees, and of those, 40% reduced overall fees, according to a new study.

January 4

AARP, state regulators launch find-an-adviser tool

Site recommends questions investors should ask before hiring a financial adviser.

December 28

Get expert help filing Social Security disability claims

The backlog for appealing an adverse decision before an administrative law judge averages 605 days.

December 7

Older boomers embrace retirement, study finds

Sixty percent of retired boomers said life is better than they had expected.

December 1

Last chance for retirees to save on drug costs

Medicare Part D open enrollment ends Dec. 7.

November 21

Medicare premiums and Social Security COLAs: Here's why retirees will pay up in 2018

Blame higher Medicare costs on a provision designed to protect Social Security benefits.

November 16

Boost retirement income with home equity

Including a reverse mortgage can update the 4% withdrawal rule strategy.

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