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December 7

Latest stock rout reignites the debate between bulls and bears

Earnings, economic growth, Fed policy, trade policy and corporate credit are all in the mix as investors try to figure out which way stocks are heading.

November 30

Fed chairman Powell's positive effect on stocks may be exhausted

Latest rally leaves traders little room to ratchet down expectations for Fed rate hikes next year.

November 21

S&P 500 valuation floor is as wobbly as 2019 earnings estimates

Stocks look cheap after their losses this fall, but if earnings deteriorate, they could fall more.

November 16

Investors sour on market strewn with bombs

Whether it's crude oil, General Electric, bitcoin or bonds, things keep blowing up

November 9

All eyes on stock buybacks

Corporate purchases may be the only factor capable of sustaining the equity market's rebound, analyst says

November 2

Active managers failed to shine as equities tumbled last month

Growth managers did the worst, while value managers managed a better showing.

November 2

Meredith Whitney was wrong about munis

The banking analyst's 2010 prediction that there would be '50 to 100' defaults among state and local governments failed to pan out.

October 26

Sell-offs are normal, but this week shocked the pros

Market's moves seem to be ignoring the healthy economy and good earnings.

October 26

Rising interest rates fan fears over $14 trillion of corporate debt

Debt payments could weigh increasingly on company profits, as well as the payouts they make to shareholders.

October 19

Cheap is great; free will usually cost you

In the financial services industry, free simply doesn't exist. It can't.

October 12

What can go wrong when stocks and bonds fall together

Correlated move by the two markets may signal more problems to come.

September 27

Masterworks is opening fine art investing to the masses

Investors can buy into a Monet painting for $21.05 a share; a Warhol piece goes for $20 a share.

September 20

Calls mount for investors to sell high-yield munis

The return this year on high-yield state and government debt is about twice that on corporate junk bonds.

September 20

Prime money market funds stage a comeback

Higher rates are luring investors back to the funds, which saw a mass exodus just a couple of years ago.

September 14

Do-it-yourself deals are all the rage among rich investors

Ultrawealthy look beyond hedge funds and private equity to making direct investments in businesses.

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