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July 6

Open-plan offices are making workers less social

Open-office designs reduce face-to-face interactions by 70%, recent studies show

June 28

An employee benefit for deeply indebted millennials

More than 100 companies now put some money toward their employees' student loans.

May 4

Gig ruling creates hurdle for employers

California Supreme Court's Dynamex decision could force other companies in the state to rethink their relationship with workers.

April 20

A visit to India and the world's largest startup

Telecom Jio, one of the fastest-growing companies ever, has lessons to teach all businesses.

March 8

Landlords woo office tenants with worker perks, including pig petting and naps

30 Rock offerings also include a vast lounge and beauty treatments.

February 22

Why offices are starting to look like forests

Companies used to roll out kegs and pingpong tables; now it's Mother Nature.

February 2

The verdict is in on standing desks

You burn more calories standing than sitting — but not that many.

January 26

Why this company pays to train its employees' dogs

Businesses with happy workers outperform their competitors, so this tech firm has created a pet-friendly work environment.

November 22

Mom-and-pop shops are threatening the mall this holiday season

Spending growth at mom-and-pop businesses has outpaced that of the big chains in the past two years.

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