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October 12

Social Security COLA for 2019 will be 2.8 percent

It's the largest annual cost-of-living increase in benefits since 2012.

October 4

A guide to Medicare open enrollment

Medicare enrollees should review their drug coverage and Advantage plans for 2019.

September 13

Inaccurate info from Social Security Administration poses a challenge for widows

Stresses of losing a spouse include steep decline in household income for many, according to a survey.

September 7

Claiming Social Security early has lasting impact on survivors

Rushing to take benefits in response to illness may not be the best move.

August 30

8 ways to boost Social Security benefits

As Social Security celebrates its 83rd anniversary, here are steps individuals can take to increase their benefits.

August 23

Retroactive Social Security benefits: Everything you need to know

Rules specify who qualifies for back benefits based on age and filing status.

August 17

Claiming Social Security early has lasting impact on survivors

Rush to take benefits due to illness may not be the best move.

August 3

7 surprising facts about the Social Security earnings test

Benefits lost to excess earnings are restored at full retirement age.

July 19

Checking one off the bucket list

Columnist tests a long-held dream for her retirement and finds it lacking

July 11

Retirees spend their golden years on campus

As seniors flock to live near universities, Purchase College in New York is developing a retirement community.

June 14

Roth conversions can boost Medicare premiums

But one year of higher health care costs may be worth it to lower RMDs and taxes in the future.

June 8

2034 is a pivotal year for Social Security

Although the trust fund depletion date remains unchanged, 2034 is when surplus funds will run out if Congress doesn't act

May 18

The gig economy as a backup retirement plan

Some workers embrace side hustles to boost their nest eggs.

May 11

Countdown to retirement

Reviewing key deadlines with a group of friends at age 64

May 4

Recent rule changes to boost retiree health costs

New analysis quantifies the effect on Medicare premiums and Social Security benefits.

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