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February 23

The sunny side of rising rates

Returns on money funds and CDs could outpace inflation this year

February 15

Infrastructure funds aren't feeling the love yet

Stocks have lagged amid skepticism about the Trump administration's plan.


February 9

How advisers' favorite fund families have fared amid stock volatility

Check out how 10 companies' largest funds have performed so far this year.

February 9

Jim Rogers expects next bear market to be the worst he's seen

Veteran investor cites the level of debt that has accumulated since the financial crisis, especially in the U.S.

January 26

BlackRock's CEO warns against sitting in cash

Fink joins Bridgewater's Dalio in urging investors to stick with stocks.

January 26

How bitcoin and blockchain will change the world

Digital currencies are the future of money, but bitcoin probably isn't the ultimate winner.

January 19

Lawsuits push 401(k) plan sponsors to cut fees

About 83% of plan sponsors reviewed their fees, and of those, 40% reduced overall fees, according to a new study.

January 19

State measures to prevent elder financial abuse gaining steam

A growing number of states are looking to pass rules preventing exploitation of seniors.

January 12

Buffett says tax law makes owning stocks more attractive

Berkshire Hathaway CEO says stocks don't look overvalued compared to interest rates, and predicts a 'bad ending' for cryptocurrencies.

January 12

Bear market for bonds has arrived, Gross says

10-year Treasury rate's move above 2.5% confirms outlook for fixed income, legendary bond manager says.

January 4

Dividend funds could get a boost in 2018

Such stock funds are looking up, given tax reform and investor worries about an overheated market.

January 4

State regulators warn investors about cryptocurrency dangers

Securities and Exchange Commission members also reiterate their concerns about virtual money.

December 21

Outlook 2018: Fund companies weigh in

Next year looks good but not great for stocks and bonds, barring a spontaneous collapse in prices.


December 21

10 companies boosting their ESG rating, and what it means for investors

Here are the 10 companies that did the most to improve their ESG rating in 2017, according to TruValue Labs' data.

December 14

Buybacks, CEO pay add up to big costs for shareholders

Fund manager David Winters says passive investors are rubber-stamping compensation packages.

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