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September 8

Consumers struggle to get information following Equifax data breach

The credit reporting service disclosed this week that private information for as many as 143 million people had been compromised.

August 10

Your financial adviser may be charging you too much

Looking solely at the median cost of hiring an adviser can be deceiving.

August 4

Dow Jones Industrial Average hits 22,000: Should you care?

Make sure you prepare for the inevitable downturn.


July 21

8 reasons to worry about the stock market

These factors indicate we’re approaching bubble territory, but is history a reliable guide?

July 20

One Inheritance You May — Or May Not — Want To Receive

Study shows that we inherit our money habits from our parents, which can be a good or a bad thing.

May 24

How to really improve your credit score

Credit scores have a big impact on your daily life, often in ways you don't realize

May 24

Beware the 'below-average' fund fee in your retirement account

Overall fees paid by investors are down. But the math can be tricky.

May 10

10 graduation gift ideas inspired by Warren Buffett

Want to impart some of the Oracle of Omaha's investment wisdom to your favorite graduate? Try these suggestions.

April 28

Trump's first 100 days: What happened to your money

Here's how the new administration has affected your wallet, for good and bad, and what to watch in the days to come.

March 16

Why Warren Buffett thinks America's best days still lie ahead

These passages from the billionaire's shareholder letters may make you feel a little better, or a little more cynical, depending on your frame of mind.

January 3

Top emerging markets for investors in 2017

All things Russian and Indian are popular, as are Brazilian corporate bonds and Mexico's cheap peso.

December 22

Magazine cover has a bull on it: Time to sell?

If you see a flurry of markets-related headlines on the front pages of newspapers or, better yet, a bull on the cover of a general audience magazine, chances are it's time to head for the hills.

December 15

What the Fed's rate hike means for your money

Credit cards, home equity lines of credit, adjustable-rate mortgages and personal loans could inch higher after a rise in the federal funds rate.

November 23

The despondent voter's guide to Trump and money

If you're saving for retirement or other long-term goals, too much fear and caution can be dangerous.

November 9

6 tips to prevent Trump from messing with your investments

Here's a sampling of what financial planners are advising investors to do to protect their money.

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