Retirees embrace the gig economy

For some, freelance work replaces pensions in traditional retirement three-legged stool.

Top 10 financial firms ranked by investor satisfaction

Find out which firm took the top slot for overall investor satisfaction for the second year in a row.

Mary Beth Franklin: Why that Social Security check might be less than you expected

One financial adviser was baffled when her client received a Social Security check that was $1,000 less than what they expected. InvestmentNews contributing editor Mary Beth Franklin discusses why they failed to account for two things.

Your Lifestyle

A look inside the spending habits of the 1%

In "Generation Wealth," the accumulation of wealth comes off more as a destructive addiction than a path to self-improvement.

Tax and Estate Planning

The future of tax preparation? Getting your taxes done without answering a single question

A TurboTax executive discusses why Americans procrastinated this tax season and the future of tax preparation.

Tax and Estate Planning, Your Lifestyle

More millennials who live at home don't work

Among 25- to 34-year-olds living at home, one in four is neither enrolled in school nor working, according to new data from the Census Bureau.


Social Security update for same-sex couples

Claiming rules have evolved since 2015 Supreme Court decision.

Tax and Estate Planning

How your tax data could be sold on the internet

Your tax information is far more valuable than your credit card data.

Your Business

25 companies that pay the most

This time some lesser-known names have landed on Glassdoor's annual survey.

Tax and Estate Planning

How you can reduce what you spend on tax preparation this year

Credit Karma tries to break into the business with a $0 product.

Tax and Estate Planning

Here's where millennials lag behind their baby boomer parents

Millennials are less likely to be married, living with children or own a home than their parents were at their age.

Tax and Estate Planning

How criminals trick people out of their life savings

A fraud investigator shares tales from the dark side of human nature.


Reverse mortgages have an image problem

Older people generally overlook or are unwilling to consider home equity as a retirement asset.


Hiring freeze and budget cuts impact Social Security claims

Despite longer waits and declining service, checks are safe — for now.

Tax and Estate Planning

New IRS rules allow a risky, 'silent' protest of the Affordable Care Act

Americans have reasons to think they might get away with not paying what they owe.

Tax and Estate Planning

10 ways to put extra cash to work to bolster your finances

Certified financial planners offer practical suggestions for using excess cash to get in better financial shape.

Tax and Estate Planning

How taxpayers hurt themselves with nondeductible IRA contributions

There's only one way to ensure you get the full tax benefit of those contributions.

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