Retirees spend their golden years on campus

As seniors flock to live near universities, Purchase College in New York is developing a retirement community.

10 funds that sustained big losses in the first half

Amid the volatility that marked the first half of 2018, these funds stood out for their poor performance

Daniel Crosby: Why “too good to be true” usually Is

The self-esteem movement has ruined humanity because praise does not boost your ego, accomplishment does. Daniel Crosby breaks it all down in the 10th episode of "On Your Best Behavior."

Tax and Estate Planning

Tax loophole from 1960s could let wealthy tap 21% corporate rate

Provision related to investments held offshore could save wealthy Americans millions in taxes.

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Divorced women declare financial independence

Selling an engagement ring can jump-start savings

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Open-plan offices are making workers less social

Open-office designs reduce face-to-face interactions by 70%, recent studies show

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Where to stash your cash as tariffs kick in

Gold, a traditional safe haven, has declined in recent months, damaged by the strengthening dollar.

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The newest alternative asset: Classic cars

Can't afford a Ferrari? You can buy a share in one for $80.

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Bitcoin bubble approaches dot-com levels

Largest cryptocurrency falls to its lowest level since November, while many tokens go to zero

Tax and Estate Planning

New IRS form sends taxpayers toward Intuit, away from H&R Block

But the shorter 1040 form still requires filers to provide all the same information.

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An employee benefit for deeply indebted millennials

More than 100 companies now put some money toward their employees' student loans.

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Municipal bonds once seen as the safest are now tarnished

Bonds backed by revenue streams such as taxes or tolls are starting to see downgrades from the rating agencies

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Hurricane-proof homes are available. Why isn't anyone buying them?

Architects and engineers are devising better ways to protect buildings against extreme weather, but the innovations are slow to spread

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Walgreens to replace GE on the Dow

General Electric was the last original Dow member, a spot it held for more than 100 years.

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Celebrated investor Jim Rogers launches ETF

The perennially bearish Rogers will look for volatility trends, aided by artificial intelligence.

Tax and Estate Planning

Homeowners looking to dodge property tax caps turn to Alaskan trusts

Strategy involves a limited liability company and non-grantor trusts set up in a no-tax state.


Roth conversions can boost Medicare premiums

But one year of higher health care costs may be worth it to lower RMDs and taxes in the future.

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Cash floods into money market funds

Short-term debt funds are flourishing because they finally pay something.

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Driverless cars may cut traffic jams, but not insurance premiums

A handful of fatal accidents involving autonomous vehicles suggest car insurance will evolve, rather than go away.

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