Clock is ticking on Social Security insolvency that could result in future benefit cuts

It's not the first time the country has faced a Social Security funding crisis.

5 financial mistakes divorcing men make

Some of these blunders are most likely to be made by whoever is the primary breadwinner, which in today’s married couples is still often the husband.

Mary Beth Franklin: The Social Security claiming strategy Congress didn't touch

If you are a surviving spouse and also entitled to Social Security benefits based on your own work record, you can still claim one benefit first and switch to the other later. InvestmentNews' Mary Beth Franklin discusses the strategy.


What Donald Trump could do to your retirement

A bitterly debated regulation that requires financial advisers to put their clients' interests first could be derailed.


Will your career really last into retirement?

Working into your 70s or 80s can be a great idea, but it's also completely unrealistic for many workers who want to stick to their chosen profession.

Tax and Estate Planning

Why rich investors – including Donald Trump – donate through family foundations

But there are easier ways to give to charity that still afford donors a lot of control.


Many current retirees reluctant to tap savings

But without pensions, boomers won't have a choice.

Your Portfolio, Retirement

The despondent voter's guide to Trump and money

If you're saving for retirement or other long-term goals, too much fear and caution can be dangerous.


Why Social Security is crucial to women

Lower incomes and fewer assets in savings plans lead to problems in retirement.


401(k) plan designs hurt employees' ability to save

A number of longtime 401(k) plan designs fail to reflect a new workforce, according to a Government Accountability Office report.

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America producing 1,700 millionaires a day

Most wealth is concentrated among older people, but the great wealth migration to a younger generation is under way.

Tax and Estate Planning, Your Lifestyle

More than half of the student-loan borrowers regret going into debt

Three in five borrowers did not try or did not know how to figure out their future monthly payments, according to a new study.


New Social Security rules and divorce

Two sets of benefits exist for ex-spouses depending on their birth dates.

Tax and Estate Planning, Your Lifestyle

U.S. divorce rate drops to lowest level in 35 years

Marriage has been holding steady for the past several years, but weddings are still half as common as they were in the 1970s and early 1980s.

Tax and Estate Planning, Your Lifestyle

Student loans poised for an overhaul under President Trump

Advocates of federal direct loans are worried that privatization could mean the end of student loans as a broad entitlement.

Tax and Estate Planning

How wealthy Americans can maximize their payoff from Donald Trump's presidency

Financial advisers are telling clients to make these moves before the end of 2016.


Low Social Security cost-of-living adjustment keeps Medicare premiums lower for most

About 70% of Medicare beneficiaries are protected by a “hold harmless” provision.


How Donald Trump's presidency will influence your retirement

The president-elect barely mentioned the retirement crisis during his campaign, but will wield enormous power over many related issues once in office.

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