Americans don't just want SUVs. They need them

As more people participate in activities like paddleboarding and rock-climbing, bigger rigs come in handy to haul all that gear

How advisers' favorite fund families have fared amid stock volatility

Check out how 10 companies' largest funds have performed so far this year.

Mary Beth Franklin's advice for optimizing Social Security claiming strategies

InvestmentNews' retirement guru Mary Beth Franklin offers strategies you can put into place that may significantly increase your clients' Social Security draw.

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The sunny side of rising rates

Returns on money funds and CDs could outpace inflation this year

Your Business

Why offices are starting to look like forests

Companies used to roll out kegs and pingpong tables; now it's Mother Nature.


Social Security underpaid 82% of dually entitled widows and widowers

Agency failed to tell survivors that they could switch to a higher retirement benefit later


Tough tax season for victims of Social Security hack

Crooks stole their benefits, but the victims received 1099s for reportable income.

Tax and Estate Planning

New tax law likely to make divorce negotiations more acrimonious

Elimination of the tax break divorcees get for paying alimony gives them less incentive to be generous to their former spouse.

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Infrastructure funds aren't feeling the love yet

Stocks have lagged amid skepticism about the Trump administration's plan.

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Jim Rogers expects next bear market to be the worst he's seen

Veteran investor cites the level of debt that has accumulated since the financial crisis, especially in the U.S.

Alternative funds suddenly look a whole lot better

The market sell-off highlights the virtues of hedging.


Social Security accounts get hacked

Setting up an online account is a first step in preventing fraud, but it's not foolproof.


Timing is crucial for Social Security and Medicare

Picking the wrong date could cost you benefits or trigger penalties.

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Behind the scenes on the world's biggest cruise

Code words, subliminal messaging and extra ketchup for Americans.

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The verdict is in on standing desks

You burn more calories standing than sitting — but not that many.

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Why this company pays to train its employees' dogs

Businesses with happy workers outperform their competitors, so this tech firm has created a pet-friendly work environment.

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BlackRock's CEO warns against sitting in cash

Fink joins Bridgewater's Dalio in urging investors to stick with stocks.

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How bitcoin and blockchain will change the world

Digital currencies are the future of money, but bitcoin probably isn't the ultimate winner.

Retirement, Your Portfolio

Lawsuits push 401(k) plan sponsors to cut fees

About 83% of plan sponsors reviewed their fees, and of those, 40% reduced overall fees, according to a new study.

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