Why are investors still flocking to bonds?

Two hints: They're getting older and still feel the burn from bear-markets past.

Best-performing funds since '87 crash

If you started saving 30 years ago, you got a quick education in the worst Mr. Market can dish out. The Dow Jones industrial average plunged 508 points, or 22.61%, the worst one-day crash in history. Those who weren’t scared out of the stock market have done well: The Standard & Poor’s 500 stock index has gained an average 9.59% since then. But a few funds have done exceptionally well and are being run by the same management team today. Here are the stock funds that have done the best since Wall Street’s darkest day. Source: Morningstar.

Ed Slott: Don't hold your breath for lower tax rates

Well known tax expert Ed Slott tells financial advisers why now is the time to take advantage of low tax rates for clients.


Pre-retirement earnings can limit Social Security survivor benefits

Life insurance can fill the gap when a survivor's earnings jeopardize benefits.

Retirement, Your Lifestyle

Funding options for long-term care

Mechanisms for covering the costs include insurance products, Medicaid and self-funding.

Tax and Estate Planning

GOP tax battle looms over wealthy Americans

Debate rages over whether or not to repeal the estate tax and AMT, plus whether cuts should be temporary or permanent

Your Business

Storms Seen Cutting U.S. Hiring in Half Before Jobs Rebound

U.S. employers probably added 80,000 workers last month, economists estimate.

Tax and Estate Planning

Trump tax plan draws concerns of GOP budget hawks

Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn., said the White House is showing 'softness' when discussing how the tax cuts will be paid for, such as by repealing the state and local tax deduction.


Stay up on Medicare enrollment with annual reviews

Navigate yearly changes that could affect your coverage and costs.


Both spouses don't always need to delay Social Security until 70

Sometimes it's better to coordinate claiming strategies where one collects spousal benefits.

Tax and Estate Planning, Your Business

Tax reform might give wealthy a big loophole

High earners could take advantage of a measure meant to help business owners, straining the IRS.

Tax and Estate Planning

Seniors get hopping to meet reverse-mortgage deadline

Demand for mandatory pre-loan counseling outstrips supply as Oct. 2 looms.


How parenthood really affects your ability to save for retirement

The financial effects of having children can last for the rest of your life, according to a new study.


More retirees seek professional advice on Social Security

Future retirees also appear more willing to wait to claim larger benefits than previous waves of retirees, according to a new study.

Your Business

The best and worst countries to work in

Find out which country gets the highest marks as a place to work and raise a family and for making foreigners feel welcome.

Your Business

The real reasons why bonuses are shrinking

For the first time in seven years, employer spending on bonuses has declined.

Tax and Estate Planning

How tax reform could squeeze the middle class

You could end up paying thousands of dollars more after tax reform than you do now.


Social Security COLA could get wiped out by Medicare costs

But higher-income retirees' health insurance costs might remain the same.


Are you really on track for retirement? Try this tool

New software uses big data to estimate the chances that your personalized retirement strategy will actually succeed, then refines the plan if it won't.

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