Lawsuits push 401(k) plan sponsors to cut fees

About 83% of plan sponsors reviewed their fees, and of those, 40% reduced overall fees, according to a new study.

Best-performing international ETFs in 2017

Where, globally, investors reaped the highest gains last year.

Mary Beth Franklin's advice for optimizing Social Security claiming strategies

InvestmentNews' retirement guru Mary Beth Franklin offers strategies you can put into place that may significantly increase your clients' Social Security draw.

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State measures to prevent elder financial abuse gaining steam

A growing number of states are looking to pass rules preventing exploitation of seniors.


Beware: Medicare surcharges can change throughout year based on latest tax return

This 'dispatch from the retirement front' explains that updated tax records can make higher Medicare premiums retroactive.

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Bear market for bonds has arrived, Gross says

10-year Treasury rate's move above 2.5% confirms outlook for fixed income, legendary bond manager says.

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IRS releases new withholding tables

GOP promises workers will see increases in their paychecks starting in February.

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Buffett says tax law makes owning stocks more attractive

Berkshire Hathaway CEO says stocks don't look overvalued compared to interest rates, and predicts a 'bad ending' for cryptocurrencies.

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State regulators warn investors about cryptocurrency dangers

Securities and Exchange Commission members also reiterate their concerns about virtual money.

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States already seeking workarounds to Republican tax changes

New York Gov. Cuomo promises to sue federal government, make changes in state tax code.


AARP, state regulators launch find-an-adviser tool

Site recommends questions investors should ask before hiring a financial adviser.

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Dividend funds could get a boost in 2018

Such stock funds are looking up, given tax reform and investor worries about an overheated market.

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Get expert help filing Social Security disability claims

The backlog for appealing an adverse decision before an administrative law judge averages 605 days.

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Affluent Americans inundate accountants for advice

Tax experts scramble to understand full implications of the 500-page law which is anything but simple.

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Outlook 2018: Fund companies weigh in

Next year looks good but not great for stocks and bonds, barring a spontaneous collapse in prices.

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Interest in donor-advised funds surges in response to tax changes

You still have time to set up accounts before year-end, but some contribution deadlines have passed.

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Tax overhaul could help U.S. real estate investors

Owners and developers of commercial real estate stand to gain from a new tax break for pass-through entities.

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Buybacks, CEO pay add up to big costs for shareholders

Fund manager David Winters says passive investors are rubber-stamping compensation packages.

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Getting bitcoin exposure without its baggage

Thomas Lee, research head for Fundstrat Global Advisors, suggests owning these stand-in assets.

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