As Americans live longer, they run the risk of outliving their money

How do you make sure that your nest egg will provide for you not only in your 70s and 80s, but into your 90s and beyond?

Motley Fool's Gardner: How I learned to be a better investor

Motley Fool co-founder David Gardner says he cares more about what companies do and who runs them rather than their price to earnings ratios or valuations.


Social Security and dying too soon

Beneficiaries may have to wait years to collect benefits; some never do.


4 ways you could be getting shortchanged on your 401(k)

A mounting number of lawsuits against retirement plans allege excessive fees and a lack of attention to plan design.

Tax and Estate Planning

A new tax break may make you think twice about tying the knot

Unmarried couples can now deduct effectively twice as much of their mortgage and home interest on their tax returns.

Tax and Estate Planning

Why summer vacations may be bad for your marriage

Divorce filings drop in April and don't spike again until August — after July, the most popular month for vacations.

Your Portfolio

Investors losing confidence in Donald Trump: poll

Hillary Clinton gains ground on question of who is best for the portfolio.


The alphabet soup of Medicare enrollment periods

It's essential to be familiar with the many varieties of Medicare enrollment periods so you can make the best choices.


Social Security drops cell phone mandate

Agency apologizes and says it will pursue other security authentication options.

Tax and Estate Planning

Side-by-side comparison of Clinton, Trump tax plans

Stark differences include one presidential candidate who seeks to raise income taxes on the wealthiest Americans while the other would cut them across the board.

Retirement, Tax and Estate Planning

Student loans preventing parents from saving for retirement

Some 42% of parents said they're losing sleep worrying about future college costs, and 63% feel guilty that they won't be able to pay more.

Tax and Estate Planning, Your Lifestyle

Millennials turn to professionals to get out from under college debt

Around the country, financial advisers are helping millennials and others tackle their student loan debt, which is now the top source of debt for Americans other than home mortgages.

Tax and Estate Planning, Your Portfolio

Here's why your net worth might really be negative

Add up all your possessions — cash, property, retirement accounts — and subtract all your debts, and you could end up in the red.


Careful planning can help public employees avoid Social Security reductions

One financial adviser helped his client avoid Social Security reductions by carefully mapping out when to take her benefits and pension.

Your Lifestyle

Beyond Rio: Olympic athletes face financial challenges

The rare experience can 'open doors' off the field and out of the pool — but financial rewards vary greatly.

Tax and Estate Planning

10 best markets to find an undervalued home

If you're a real estate investor who wants to buy low and sell high, this is the list for you.


New privacy protections make it more complicated to check Social Security online

Online users now require cell phone for text message verification.


Here's what your 401(k) would look like if you took Trump's advice

How does the presidential candidate's guidance compare to actual market performance?

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