Pension plans are the new tax dodge for rich business owners

Barred from 20% tax break, wealthy professionals have found a new way to avoid hefty tax bills.

10 biggest boomtowns in America

These metro areas are seeing the biggest influx of people, work opportunities and business growth.

Daniel Crosby: Why “too good to be true” usually Is

The self-esteem movement has ruined humanity because praise does not boost your ego, accomplishment does. Daniel Crosby breaks it all down in the 10th episode of "On Your Best Behavior."

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Funerals are becoming one last extravagant display of wealth

Rolls-Royce hearses and gospel choirs are among the features of high-end memorial services.


Claiming Social Security early has lasting impact on survivors

Rush to take benefits due to illness may not be the best move.

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Trading apps expose investors to cybercriminals, report finds

Some apps store subscribers' passwords or data on trading without encryption.

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Goldman sees $1 trillion in buybacks for S&P 500 this year

The accelerating demand means any weakness in stocks is likely to be met with buying from companies.

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IRS provides guidance on pass-through taxes, targets loophole

Proposed regulations make it clear the agency considers splitting up businesses to get around income limits abusive.

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Tax changes fuel boom in Florida luxury home sales

Refugees from New York area, where the limit on deducting state and local taxes will hit hard, are heading to the Sunshine State.

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Indexing capital gains for inflation could provide tax windfall

Observers say the proposal could open up areas of arbitrage, depending on how it's drafted.

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Fidelity's zero-fee funds unleash the power of free

The asset manager's move will trigger a transformation of the fund industry.


7 surprising facts about the Social Security earnings test

Benefits lost to excess earnings are restored at full retirement age.

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Move to Florida to pay zero state personal income tax? Fuhgeddaboudit!

Tax collectors in states like New York make it really hard to leave.

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Investing in fine wine is producing ever-greater returns

French wines dominate portfolios; California wines constitute only a small fraction of what's traded.

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In wake of tax reform, muni bond market gains footing

Supply-demand imbalance has boosted munis so far this year.


Checking one off the bucket list

Columnist tests a long-held dream for her retirement and finds it lacking

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How not to handle your lottery jackpot

Winning the lottery seems like a fairy tale, but it's easy for instant millionaires to lose it all.

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Variety of tax benefits help offset the cost of college

Parents at all income levels can find something that works for them among options that include 529 plans, tax deductions and tax credits.


Retirees spend their golden years on campus

As seniors flock to live near universities, Purchase College in New York is developing a retirement community.

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