Older boomers embrace retirement, study finds

Sixty percent of retired boomers said life is better than they had expected.

10 best states to live in, if you're rich

Top states in which to live if you are wealthy.

Ed Slott: 3 year-end IRA mistakes to avoid

Be aware of rules regarding required minimum distributions, Roth conversions and qualified charitable distributions that should be addressed before 2018 starts.

Your Portfolio

Getting bitcoin exposure without its baggage

Thomas Lee, research head for Fundstrat Global Advisors, suggests owning these stand-in assets.

Your Portfolio

As cash flows to companies after tax reform, here's how to invest

Take advantage of a likely pickup in mergers and acquisitions through financial services funds and bank stocks.


Last chance for retirees to save on drug costs

Medicare Part D open enrollment ends Dec. 7.

Tax and Estate Planning

Senate tax bill has something for every Republican to hate

Tax hike provisions and survival of the estate tax are big sources of ire.

Tax and Estate Planning

Senate tax bill is a hike on retail investors

The FIFO mandate favors investment companies, not real people, and should be removed.

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Bitcoin price breaks $10,000. Here's what history tells us comes next.

Loosely defined, a bubble is a rapid increase in an asset price that's not substantiated by its fundamentals.

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Mom-and-pop shops are threatening the mall this holiday season

Spending growth at mom-and-pop businesses has outpaced that of the big chains in the past two years.

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Investors' bitcoin questions rise along with asset's value

5 advisers offer suggestions on the latest soaring asset to confound investors.


Medicare premiums and Social Security COLAs: Here's why retirees will pay up in 2018

Blame higher Medicare costs on a provision designed to protect Social Security benefits.

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U.S. economic expectations hit 3-month high

Consumer Comfort Index showed 35% of respondents saying that the economy is improving, while just 27% say it's deteriorating.

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Betterment launches 'free' charitable-giving platform

Robo-software provider lets investors donate directly from their accounts, and will not charge charities with less than $1 million on the platform.


Boost retirement income with home equity

Including a reverse mortgage can update the 4% withdrawal rule strategy.

Tax and Estate Planning

Everything you need to know about the Senate GOP tax proposal

Here's how the Senate proposal compares with the House version so far on key areas.


Someone tried to hack my Social Security account

Government website offers tips to protect personal data, but gaps may remain.

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Bills to bolster accredited investors, alternative investments gain momentum

Bipartisan pitch tries to expand pool of people who qualify, ease regulations.

Tax and Estate Planning

Tax bill has huge changes for firms, individuals

The House legislation includes "no changes" to popular 401(k) retirement plans, but includes a measure to cut the corporate tax rate to 20%.

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