More retirees seek professional advice on Social Security

Future retirees also appear more willing to wait to claim larger benefits than previous waves of retirees, according to a new study.

7 ways to protect yourself from an Equifax data hack

Take these steps to avoid current and future threats to your financial well being.

How to maximize the effectiveness of your charitable giving

Donor-advised funds let you take the tax deduction for charitable donations now, while postponing when you give the money away. Pamela Norley, president of Fidelity Charitable, and Elda Di Re, partner at Ernst & Young, discuss the strategy.

Your Business

The best and worst countries to work in

Find out which country gets the highest marks as a place to work and raise a family and for making foreigners feel welcome.

Your Business

The real reasons why bonuses are shrinking

For the first time in seven years, employer spending on bonuses has declined.

Tax and Estate Planning

How tax reform could squeeze the middle class

You could end up paying thousands of dollars more after tax reform than you do now.


Social Security COLA could get wiped out by Medicare costs

But higher-income retirees' health insurance costs might remain the same.


Are you really on track for retirement? Try this tool

New software uses big data to estimate the chances that your personalized retirement strategy will actually succeed, then refines the plan if it won't.

Tax and Estate Planning

American workers vs. investors: Who pays more taxes?

Politicians have intentionally set tax rates on wages much higher than those on long-term investment returns.

Tax and Estate Planning

Need to evacuate because of the storm? Use this checklist to protect your possessions

Undertaking these precautions can provide a greater sense of security and preparedness in the face of an unexpected disaster.


How to appeal higher Medicare premiums

New monthly Medicare surcharges will go into effect in 2018, but sometimes they can be reversed.

Retirement, Tax and Estate Planning

Government report distorts facts and costs of reverse mortgages

The report overstates the typical cost of a reverse mortgage in today's marketplace and misinterprets Social Security claiming strategies.

Tax and Estate Planning, Your Portfolio

Consumers struggle to get information following Equifax data breach

The credit reporting service disclosed this week that private information for as many as 143 million people had been compromised.

Retirement, Tax and Estate Planning

Government agency announces new reverse mortgage rules

The Department of Housing and Urban Development raises premiums, tightens borrowing limits for new loans to seniors.

Tax and Estate Planning

Should you buy a dam for your house?

Weather events are prompting sales of dams that cost homeowners $8,000 to $12,000, on average.

Retirement, Tax and Estate Planning

Your children can spare you time and money in a nursing home

For someone with kids, both time spent in a nursing home and out-of-pocket costs are significantly lower than for those without children.


Retiree health care costs up 6%, new study finds

A newly retired couple would need $275,000 for medical care throughout retirement, according to Fidelity.

Tax and Estate Planning, Your Lifestyle

This age group controls the most wealth in the U.S.

The wealthy have probably always been older than the general population.

Tax and Estate Planning, Your Lifestyle

What your credit score reveals about your love life

The higher the credit score, the likelier you are to form a romantic relationship.

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