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August 10

Credit cardholders required to spend a lot more to get rewards

One new card requires cardholders to spend $7,500 in the first three months.

June 15

Why summer Fridays are on an upswing

The share of companies offering this perk has jumped from 21% in 2015 to 42% in 2017.

June 7

Reasons why American teenagers are working less

The summer job was a rite of passage for baby boomers and generation X, but today's teenagers have other priorities.

May 24

Americans are still scared to take all of their vacation days

Even as workers take more vacation days, the gap between the number of days they're offered and the number of days they actually take isn't narrowing.

May 19

Here's what recent college grads are making

Career website Glassdoor Inc. assesses where grads are finding the highest- and lowest-paying positions.

May 19

Progress stalls for modern working mothers — and economists are worried

A better balance between work and family could boost the world economy.

May 2

The best-paying internships in America

Tech companies dominate the list, taking eight of the top 10 spots

April 12

25 companies that pay the most

This time some lesser-known names have landed on Glassdoor's annual survey.

February 8

20 companies offering the best and most unusual benefits

Today's office perks go above and beyond the typical handful of paid days off.

February 8

Companies expand benefits to help workers deal with sickness and death

Family medical and bereavement leave is the next frontier, and one company's foray into it could prompt others to follow.

December 15

Employment outlook: Too many jobs can't find workers

A triple shortage in skilled labor, business equipment and public infrastructure could foil Trump's plans for 4% economic growth.

October 21

U.S. workers put in almost 25% more hours than Europeans

American workers not only put in more hours, they're also retiring later and taking fewer vacation days.

October 13

Mo' money mo' problems? Study delves into whether high-earners really have more stress

Could it be that higher-status people are just more likely to whine when things don't go their way?

September 20

Why the 9-to-5 schedule is zapping your business's productivity

Sitting in a chair for eight hours straight doesn't produce results, and the best hours for productivity vary from person to person.

September 15

Your pay could suffer in the wake of your company's corporate scandal

The Enrons and WorldComs and Wells Fargos hurt the careers of innocent bystanders.

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