January 11

Mary Beth Franklin: Why that Social Security check might be less than you expected

One financial adviser was baffled when her client received a Social Security check that was $1,000 less than what they expected. InvestmentNews contributing editor Mary Beth Franklin discusses why they failed to account for two things.

September 19

Mary Beth Franklin: The Social Security claiming strategy Congress didn't touch

If you are a surviving spouse and also entitled to Social Security benefits based on your own work record, you can still claim one benefit first and switch to the other later. InvestmentNews' Mary Beth Franklin discusses the strategy.

September 13

Jane Bryant Quinn: The most important retirement questions

Ask the questions, "What are you retiring to and what are you going to do with your life?" before you even begin thinking about money, says Jane Bryant Quinn, author of "How to Make Your Money Last: The Indispensable Retirement Guide."

June 21

Motley Fool's Gardner: How I learned to be a better investor

Motley Fool co-founder David Gardner says he cares more about what companies do and who runs them rather than their price to earnings ratios or valuations.

December 21

The new rules for Social Security claiming strategies

The rules for claiming strategies, including file and suspend or spousal benefits, have changed. InvestmentNews contributing editor Mary Beth Franklin discusses what claimants need to know now and the deadlines they need to watch out for.

October 15

Mary Beth Franklin: No Social Security cost-of-living adjustment is bad news for retirees

The Social Security Administration has decided there will be no COLA in benefits in 2016. Find out why InvestmentNews contributing editor Mary Beth Franklin says this will put retirees in a difficult position.

October 06

Secrets for creating reliable retirement income

Bucket income strategies, annuities and Social Security benefits are among the resources you may want to consider to plan your income in retirement, according to Crain's Wealth's Mary Beth Franklin and Macro Consulting's Mark Cortazzo.

September 24

How parents can get a handle on saving for college

While the total cost of college may seem daunting, parents can scale it back by taking a down payment approach and socking away some money every month, according to Stuart Ritter, vice president, T. Rowe Price Investment Services.

September 02

How to tell a good ETF from a bad one

Investors need to make sure an ETF has the exact exposure they seek and then make sure it tracks well, trades well and is low fee, according to Matt Hougan, CEO of, and Matthew Peron, managing director of global equity at Northern Trust.

August 19

Burton Malkiel: 10% portfolio returns are a thing of the past

If you are saving with the expectation that you will get 10% returns, your portfolio will come up short, warns Burton Malkiel, the reknowned author of "A Random Walk Down Wall Street."

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