December 11, 2017

Mary Beth Franklin: Using home equity as retirement income

Recent research suggests that a reverse mortgage can help increase income for retirees, and could replace the "4%-rule" regarding how much to withdraw from their portfolios each year after they stop work.

December 11, 2017

How to protect against identity theft

Cybersecurity is overlooked all too often when it comes to Social Security data. Here's a firsthand account of why its necessary.

December 08, 2017

Mary Beth Franklin's advice for optimizing Social Security claiming strategies

InvestmentNews' retirement guru Mary Beth Franklin offers strategies you can put into place that may significantly increase your clients' Social Security draw.

December 08, 2017

Rising rates start to complicate bond investing

Senior Columnist John Waggoner explains that the best move may be to find corporate bonds with lower credit ratings whose firms could benefit in a growing economy.

November 19, 2017

Are investors getting complacent?

Tom Florence, CEO of 361 Capital, discusses growing investor complacency and why he thinks overconfidence might be creeping into adviser and investor decision making.

November 18, 2017

Ed Slott: 3 year-end IRA mistakes to avoid

Be aware of rules regarding required minimum distributions, Roth conversions and qualified charitable distributions that should be addressed before 2018 starts.

November 15, 2017

Schwab's Jeffrey Kleintop is bullish about these global markets

The chief global investment strategist at Charles Schwab makes a strong case for broad global diversification in client portfolios.

November 10, 2017

The universe of publicly-traded companies is shrinking. How worried should we be?

Wall Street Journal columnist Jason Zweig and Jason Trennert, co-founder of Strategas Partners, discuss the proliferation of private equities companies and how it is keeping a lid on companies going public.

November 07, 2017

What's next for socially responsible investing?

Sustainable and socially responsible investing has evolved rapidly in the past decade. But what's next?

October 26, 2017

How 'upstream planning' can help save on capital gains tax

Assistant managing editor Chris Latham and reporter Greg Iacurci discuss a tax strategy that involves gifting appreciated assets to older family members.

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