June 04, 2018

The 10 Laws of Wealth

Not a '10 Best' or '10 tips to get rich quick' click bait list here, but rather Dr. Daniel Crosby explains 10 truisms that can guide your path to wealth.

May 29, 2018

The Illusion of Control

Like the Supreme Court definition of pornography, 'you know it when you see it,' stress is easily felt and hard to pin down. Dr. Daniel Crosby walks us through how stress plays a huge role in the way you invest on Ep. 14 of On Your Best Behavior.

May 21, 2018

Bad news: There is never a good time to invest

As humans, we are programmed to choose safety, even at the expense of joy, in an environment where safety abounds and joy is hard to find. What does this mean for your investing? Daniel Crosby explains in the latest episode of On Your Best Behavior.

May 14, 2018

5 things you should never do in the stock market

Despite the enormous wealth creating power of the market, looking at it too closely can be terrifying. In the latest episode of "On Your Best Behavior," Daniel Crosby looks at the immortal words of Jack Bogle: “Don’t do something, just stand there!”

April 30, 2018

Daniel Crosby: Why “too good to be true” usually Is

The self-esteem movement has ruined humanity because praise does not boost your ego, accomplishment does. Daniel Crosby breaks it all down in the 10th episode of "On Your Best Behavior."

April 09, 2018

Daniel Crosby: A lot of what you believe is wrong

Belief is an emotional construct. In simple terms, we rationally evaluate things that do not intersect with our worldview and emotionally evaluate those that do. Dr. Daniel Crosby dissects this contradiction.

March 11, 2018

Daniel Crosby: How action bias is hurting your clients

Imagine a world where you could gain more by doing less. Daniel Crosby is ready to play goalie to prove a point in the third episode of “On Your Best Behavior."

March 05, 2018

Behavioral Finance Conundrum: The future is more certain than the present

In our quotidian existence, the present is far more knowable than the distant future. What complicates investing is that the exact reverse is true. Can Dr. Daniel Crosby make this all make sense? Check out Episode 2 of On Your Best Behavior.

February 26, 2018

Daniel Crosby: Behavioral Finance 101

What do monkeys in tuxedos and Alice in Wonderland have to do with Behavioral Finance? The answer: everything. Behavioral Finance Expert Daniel Crosby wants you to be “On Your Best Behavior.”

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