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August 18

Surprising Social Security rules on divorce

Nuances of the 10-years-of-marriage rule and protections from vengeful spouses.

August 16

Baby boomers dominate housing market, leaving millennials out in the cold

A simmering conflict is brewing between the two biggest generations in U.S. history.

August 10

Your financial adviser may be charging you too much

Looking solely at the median cost of hiring an adviser can be deceiving.

July 28

Americans' savings rate sinks to lowest level in 9 years

Chances are, you aren't saving the way you used to.

July 13

Men vs. women: Who gets the most out of marriage?

Research finds a woman and a man can have significantly different views of the same marriage.

July 6

These five states still haven't recovered from the recession

Growth has lagged outside of the nation's largest cities in New York, California and Florida.

June 28

Men vs. Women: Who is smarter when it comes to credit?

Men describe their knowledge of how credit scores work as good or excellent, but how accurate are they?

June 26

Credit vs. debit: Which is the better choice?

Americans are more likely to choose debit cards for routine purchases.

June 22

This generation has the most impressive savings habits, survey says

Young workers prepare for a rainy day, while generation X and baby boomers struggle to rebuild their bank accounts.

June 6

How much you need to earn to comfortably afford both college and life

Tuition versus cost of living in the U.S., state by scary state.

June 1

US homes are finally getting smaller

Any trend toward smaller homes would be welcome news in many U.S. housing markets.

June 1

Thoughtful graduation gifts that pay for themselves

Experts in the financial industry, unsurprisingly, have a lot of suggestions for smart financial gifts.

May 24

How to really improve your credit score

Credit scores have a big impact on your daily life, often in ways you don't realize

May 18

Would Trump's tax plan make your mortgage break worthless?

Only the wealthiest homeowners would benefit from itemizing.

May 11

Student loans just got more expensive

Beginning in July, interest rates on new government loans are set to rise.

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