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Tax and Estate Planning


December 7

10 best states to live in, if you're rich

Top states in which to live if you are wealthy.

December 1

Senate tax bill is a hike on retail investors

The FIFO mandate favors investment companies, not real people, and should be removed.

December 1

Senate tax bill has something for every Republican to hate

Tax hike provisions and survival of the estate tax are big sources of ire.

November 10

Everything you need to know about the Senate GOP tax proposal

Here's how the Senate proposal compares with the House version so far on key areas.


November 2

Top 10 overlooked tax deductions

Here are the top 10 tax deductions taxpayers are overlooking, according to TurboTax.

November 2

Tax bill has huge changes for firms, individuals

The House legislation includes "no changes" to popular 401(k) retirement plans, but includes a measure to cut the corporate tax rate to 20%.

October 27

Tax plan secrecy evokes frenzy of concern from lobbyists and lawmakers

President Trump has promised the middle class will be the biggest beneficiaries of the tax overhaul plan, to be released Nov. 1.

October 12

GOP tax battle looms over wealthy Americans

Debate rages over whether or not to repeal the estate tax and AMT, plus whether cuts should be temporary or permanent


October 5

11 Biggest Estate Planning Mistakes

Investors can make some egregious errors when it comes to drawing up plans to transfer their wealth and property. Here are some of the biggest, most common mistakes you could run into.

October 5

Trump tax plan draws concerns of GOP budget hawks

Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn., said the White House is showing 'softness' when discussing how the tax cuts will be paid for, such as by repealing the state and local tax deduction.

September 29

Tax reform might give wealthy a big loophole

High earners could take advantage of a measure meant to help business owners, straining the IRS.

September 28

Seniors get hopping to meet reverse-mortgage deadline

Demand for mandatory pre-loan counseling outstrips supply as Oct. 2 looms.

September 21

How tax reform could squeeze the middle class

You could end up paying thousands of dollars more after tax reform than you do now.

September 15

American workers vs. investors: Who pays more taxes?

Politicians have intentionally set tax rates on wages much higher than those on long-term investment returns.

September 8

Government report distorts facts and costs of reverse mortgages

The report overstates the typical cost of a reverse mortgage in today's marketplace and misinterprets Social Security claiming strategies.

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