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Tax and Estate Planning

March 24

Act fast to Trump-proof your retirement strategy

History shows that tax cuts often don't stick.

March 24

How taxpayers hurt themselves with nondeductible IRA contributions

There's only one way to ensure you get the full tax benefit of those contributions.

March 15

Why keeping inheritance expectations realistic can help avoid conflict later

Family conflicts often arise when money mixes with grief.

March 2

Wealthy parents could get most help from Trump child-care plan

Those making between $50,000 and $200,000 see the biggest tax cut as a share of after-tax income.

March 2

IRS turns up heat on wealthy taxpayers

A shrinking agency is targeting those it deems most likely to dodge their taxes.

March 1

This robot wants to change how you do your taxes

H&R Block is enlisting IBM's supercomputer Watson to ease your tax pain.

February 22

Many plan to use this year's tax refund to pay down debt

The percentage of consumers planning to put some of their refund toward paying down debt rose to 35.5%, from 34.9% last year, according to a new survey.

February 16

Americans renouncing citizenship at record levels

Among the names on the 2016 list of those bidding adieu was the U.K.'s foreign secretary, Boris Johnson.

February 16

Many millennials see debt as a dating deal breaker

Thirty-nine percent of millennials would rather disclose a preexisting sexually transmitted disease to a potential partner than reveal their debt.

February 2

Getting married in America is more expensive than ever

Couples spend an average of $78,464 to get married in the most expensive wedding location — and the honeymoon isn't included.

January 26

How to find the cheapest tax prep software that's right for you

Caution to consumers: Free doesn't always mean free.

January 26

Your divorce may trigger hidden 401(k) fees

Getting a record keeper to fill out a legal document needed to divide a retirement account could cost more than $1,200.

January 26

Student loan borrowers may have accrued billions of dollars in avoidable interest charges

Government lawsuits accuse one of the nation's largest student loan servicers of taking shortcuts to minimize its costs.

January 18

How to take the pain out of doing your taxes

Seventy percent of Americans get a refund after filing their income taxes, yet many of us would rather go to the dentist than do the paper work.

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