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September 13

How do you spell investor relief in a bear market? E-T-F

The nine-year-old bull market is giving some investors the jitters, but the ETF industry is trying to calm their fears.

August 10

Trading apps expose investors to cybercriminals, report finds

Some apps store subscribers' passwords or data on trading without encryption.

August 9

Goldman sees $1 trillion in buybacks for S&P 500 this year

The accelerating demand means any weakness in stocks is likely to be met with buying from companies.

August 3

Fidelity's zero-fee funds unleash the power of free

The asset manager's move will trigger a transformation of the fund industry.

July 26

Investing in fine wine is producing ever-greater returns

French wines dominate portfolios; California wines constitute only a small fraction of what's traded.

July 25

In wake of tax reform, muni bond market gains footing

Supply-demand imbalance has boosted munis so far this year.

July 6

Where to stash your cash as tariffs kick in

Gold, a traditional safe haven, has declined in recent months, damaged by the strengthening dollar.

July 5

The newest alternative asset: Classic cars

Can't afford a Ferrari? You can buy a share in one for $80.

June 29

Bitcoin bubble approaches dot-com levels

Largest cryptocurrency falls to its lowest level since November, while many tokens go to zero

June 22

Municipal bonds once seen as the safest are now tarnished

Bonds backed by revenue streams such as taxes or tolls are starting to see downgrades from the rating agencies

June 21

Celebrated investor Jim Rogers launches ETF

The perennially bearish Rogers will look for volatility trends, aided by artificial intelligence.

June 21

Walgreens to replace GE on the Dow

General Electric was the last original Dow member, a spot it held for more than 100 years.

June 14

Cash floods into money market funds

Short-term debt funds are flourishing because they finally pay something.

June 7

Fees on savings apps can add up

Services like Acorns and Stash let people invest small amounts of money, but critics question their fee structures.

May 31

Some small-caps win in the long term — but which ones?

Value pays off when it comes to investing in small-cap funds.

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