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March 24

Act fast to Trump-proof your retirement strategy

History shows that tax cuts often don't stick.

March 24

How taxpayers hurt themselves with nondeductible IRA contributions

There's only one way to ensure you get the full tax benefit of those contributions.

March 23

Could you be saving too much for retirement?

A new book cautions against paying down debt too aggressively, telling readers to build up their rainy day savings instead.

March 23

Trumpcare may put a stop to your plans for early retirement

The health-care overhaul will likely make it more expensive for Americans to retire before they're eligible for Medicare.

March 16

Medicare rules differ for small business owners and employees

They must enroll when they turn 65 or face lifelong penalties.

March 16

Why Warren Buffett thinks America's best days still lie ahead

These passages from the billionaire's shareholder letters may make you feel a little better, or a little more cynical, depending on your frame of mind.

March 15

Why keeping inheritance expectations realistic can help avoid conflict later

Family conflicts often arise when money mixes with grief.

March 10

Gray divorce presents Social Security challenges

Length of marriage, years since divorce and age of ex-spouses affect claiming options.


March 10

Which sectors fared the best during 8-year bull market?

As in all bull markets, some investments did better than others.

March 9

How to get two vacations for the price of one

Here are the stopover programs worth trying and the ones to skip — plus a few extra hacks to help you save.

March 9

Don't count on the Trump Bump for your retirement

Stocks aren't priced to deliver big long-term returns, but they might stay high for a while

March 3

Strict timeline governs health savings accounts and Medicare

Beware of a six-month look-back period and tax penalties.

March 2

Wealthy parents could get most help from Trump child-care plan

Those making between $50,000 and $200,000 see the biggest tax cut as a share of after-tax income.

March 2

IRS turns up heat on wealthy taxpayers

A shrinking agency is targeting those it deems most likely to dodge their taxes.

March 1

This robot wants to change how you do your taxes

H&R Block is enlisting IBM's supercomputer Watson to ease your tax pain.

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