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June 15

Homeowners looking to dodge property tax caps turn to Alaskan trusts

Strategy involves a limited liability company and non-grantor trusts set up in a no-tax state.

June 14

Driverless cars may cut traffic jams, but not insurance premiums

A handful of fatal accidents involving autonomous vehicles suggest car insurance will evolve, rather than go away.

June 14

Cash floods into money market funds

Short-term debt funds are flourishing because they finally pay something.

June 14

Roth conversions can boost Medicare premiums

But one year of higher health care costs may be worth it to lower RMDs and taxes in the future.


June 11

These 10 funds offer yields of 5% or more

The following bond funds and ETFs are the largest in their categories that are yielding more than 5%.

June 8

2034 is a pivotal year for Social Security

Although the trust fund depletion date remains unchanged, 2034 is when surplus funds will run out if Congress doesn't act

June 8

Go-karts, laser tag and a water park — cruisers opening wallets for fancy amenities

By charging for such new attractions, Norwegian Bliss has boosted its onboard revenue from passengers to $76 per day.

June 7

Fees on savings apps can add up

Services like Acorns and Stash let people invest small amounts of money, but critics question their fee structures.


June 4

Best and worst international funds this year

International funds started the year awash with cash, but an Italian storm combined with a rising dollar sent many onto the rocks.

June 1

Why changes to the kiddie tax are a 'big deal'

The law uses the tax rates applying to trusts and estates, rather than parents' income, to determine the tax on children's investment income.

May 31

Blackstone woos wealthy with tax-free hedge fund

Tax-free status reflects fact that investments are held in an insurance vehicle.

May 31

Some small-caps win in the long term — but which ones?

Value pays off when it comes to investing in small-cap funds.

May 25

Late to the alternative-investment party

JPMorgan is slashing its minimum on alts at a point when such investments are likely to see more modest returns

May 25

Safest assets provide no protection amid the brewing rate storm

As interest rates head higher, sectors such as investment-grade debt and consumer staples companies are taking it on the chin.


May 24

10 universities with the most billionaire alumni

Here are the universities, all in the U.S., with the most billionaire alumni.

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