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December 7

Older boomers embrace retirement, study finds

Sixty percent of retired boomers said life is better than they had expected.

December 1

Last chance for retirees to save on drug costs

Medicare Part D open enrollment ends Dec. 7.

November 21

Medicare premiums and Social Security COLAs: Here's why retirees will pay up in 2018

Blame higher Medicare costs on a provision designed to protect Social Security benefits.

November 16

Boost retirement income with home equity

Including a reverse mortgage can update the 4% withdrawal rule strategy.

November 9

Someone tried to hack my Social Security account

Government website offers tips to protect personal data, but gaps may remain.

October 27

Taking the Medi-scare out of retiree health-care costs

Annual open enrollment season offers chance to defang drug expenses.

October 19

Pre-retirement earnings can limit Social Security survivor benefits

Life insurance can fill the gap when a survivor's earnings jeopardize benefits.

October 12

Funding options for long-term care

Mechanisms for covering the costs include insurance products, Medicaid and self-funding.

October 5

Both spouses don't always need to delay Social Security until 70

Sometimes it's better to coordinate claiming strategies where one collects spousal benefits.

October 5

Stay up on Medicare enrollment with annual reviews

Navigate yearly changes that could affect your coverage and costs.

September 28

How parenthood really affects your ability to save for retirement

The financial effects of having children can last for the rest of your life, according to a new study.

September 22

More retirees seek professional advice on Social Security

Future retirees also appear more willing to wait to claim larger benefits than previous waves of retirees, according to a new study.

September 15

Are you really on track for retirement? Try this tool

New software uses big data to estimate the chances that your personalized retirement strategy will actually succeed, then refines the plan if it won't.

September 15

Social Security COLA could get wiped out by Medicare costs

But higher-income retirees' health insurance costs might remain the same.

September 8

Government report distorts facts and costs of reverse mortgages

The report overstates the typical cost of a reverse mortgage in today's marketplace and misinterprets Social Security claiming strategies.

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