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August 18

Surprising Social Security rules on divorce

Nuances of the 10-years-of-marriage rule and protections from vengeful spouses.

August 16

The best and worst states for growing old

Plus, find out how the median monthly cost of an assisted-living facility compares from state to state.

August 3

A refresher course on Social Security claiming rules

New "deeming" rules can trip up claiming strategies.

July 28

U.S. plummets on global ranking for retirement security

Norway, Switzerland and Iceland hold on to the top three slots.

July 28

Most women flunk retirement income literacy quiz

Only 18% of retirement age women can pass a basic quiz about how to make a nest egg last in retirement.

July 28

Government to wind down Obama-era retirement savings program

The myRA program was available to workers with no employer-sponsored retirement plan, such as a 401(k), and with little money to invest.

July 21

Employers Reducing Contributions to Retirement Benefits: Study

Employers cut their contributions to workers' retirements by 25% from 2001 to 2015, according to a new report from Willis Towers Watson.

July 21

Social Security Underfunding Threatens Americans' Retirement

With Social Security running out of money, one of the pillars of retirement is in jeopardy.

July 14

How Social Security treats the survivors of young workers

Eligibility rules are more lenient for the survivors of young workers because of their brief careers.

July 13

Why Americans can't seem to retire

The share of older people in the workforce is higher than at any point since before the creation of Medicare.

July 6

Dual income couples complicate Social Security earnings test

Benefits of one — or both — could be reduced due to excess earnings.

June 29

Don't mess with Social Security disability rules

Attempts to suspend benefits can have disastrous results.

June 15

Should your 401(k) fund be packed with tech stocks?

Finding the "right" amount depends on your other holdings, your appetite for risk and how close you are to retirement.

June 14

Tips to help you make sure you're really saving enough for retirement

More than a dozen retirement experts weigh in with their advice.

June 9

Your Social Security benefits could increase in 2018

Those who are already receiving benefits could get a boost from a cost-of-living adjustment projected for next year. But will it make up for the negative impact of rising inflation?

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