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March 24

Act fast to Trump-proof your retirement strategy

History shows that tax cuts often don't stick.

March 23

Could you be saving too much for retirement?

A new book cautions against paying down debt too aggressively, telling readers to build up their rainy day savings instead.

March 23

Trumpcare may put a stop to your plans for early retirement

The health-care overhaul will likely make it more expensive for Americans to retire before they're eligible for Medicare.

March 16

Medicare rules differ for small business owners and employees

They must enroll when they turn 65 or face lifelong penalties.

March 10

Gray divorce presents Social Security challenges

Length of marriage, years since divorce and age of ex-spouses affect claiming options.

March 9

Don't count on the Trump Bump for your retirement

Stocks aren't priced to deliver big long-term returns, but they might stay high for a while

March 3

Strict timeline governs health savings accounts and Medicare

Beware of a six-month look-back period and tax penalties.

February 24

Using IRAs to reduce Medicare premiums

Directing a portion of required minimum distributions directly to a charity can reduce both taxes and Medicare premiums.

February 24

Why many employees may never be able to retire

Millions aren't saving on the job because they either don't have access to a workplace retirement plan or they do but aren't putting money in it.

February 16

Lifestyle changes can add up to big savings for retirement

Regular and well-informed course corrections can help you become more comfortable financially and enjoy retirement even more.

February 10

Two ways to boost Social Security benefits

Working longer and postponing benefits can increase future payments.

February 10

Is your 401(k) balance above or below average?

As life expectancy increases and the inflation rate on health-care spending regularly rises, you need to stay ahead of the game.

February 3

3 ways to protect your 401(k) if Trump nixes the fiduciary rule

By asking these questions, investors can avoid financial advisers who don't put their interests first.

February 2

Trump is acting on everything except your retirement

Social Security simply doesn't provide enough income for people without defined benefit pensions and 401(k)s who can't afford to save, or to save more.

January 26

Your divorce may trigger hidden 401(k) fees

Getting a record keeper to fill out a legal document needed to divide a retirement account could cost more than $1,200.

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