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May 18

Rich retirees reluctant to spend cash

On average and adjusting for inflation, retirees are entering their 80s richer than they were in their 60s and 70s.

May 12

Average 401(k) balance hits new record, thanks to automated savings

"Auto-escalation" helped the average balance in a Fidelity account reach $95,500.

May 11

Milestone birthday triggers crucial financial decisions

In the latest dispatch from the retirement front, Mary Beth Franklin mulls health insurance and estate planning choices.

April 28

Trump's first 100 days: What happened to your money

Here's how the new administration has affected your wallet, for good and bad, and what to watch in the days to come.

April 28

Social Security: Later is better

New Fidelity survey shows more Americans plan to wait to claim benefits.

April 27

Why Social Security is becoming a better deal for the wealthy

It's not your imagination: The rich really are taking more from taxpayers.

April 21

Retirees embrace the gig economy

For some, freelance work replaces pensions in traditional retirement three-legged stool.

April 14

Social Security update for same-sex couples

Claiming rules have evolved since 2015 Supreme Court decision.

March 31

Reverse mortgages have an image problem

Older people generally overlook or are unwilling to consider home equity as a retirement asset.

March 30

Hiring freeze and budget cuts impact Social Security claims

Despite longer waits and declining service, checks are safe — for now.

March 24

Act fast to Trump-proof your retirement strategy

History shows that tax cuts often don't stick.

March 23

Could you be saving too much for retirement?

A new book cautions against paying down debt too aggressively, telling readers to build up their rainy day savings instead.

March 23

Trumpcare may put a stop to your plans for early retirement

The health-care overhaul will likely make it more expensive for Americans to retire before they're eligible for Medicare.

March 16

Medicare rules differ for small business owners and employees

They must enroll when they turn 65 or face lifelong penalties.

March 10

Gray divorce presents Social Security challenges

Length of marriage, years since divorce and age of ex-spouses affect claiming options.

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