20 companies offering the best and most unusual benefits

Today's office perks go above and beyond the typical handful of paid days off

By Bloomberg News

Feb 8, 2017 @ 1:23 pm EST

Vacation shmacation, today's office perks go above and beyond the typical handful of paid days off. In an effort to lure the best and brightest — and get them to stay there — companies are offering everything from free college tuition to complimentary car washes.

Some of the best and most unusual perks come from the Swedes, consultants, and social media giants, according to a study of benefits released on Tuesday by career website Glassdoor Inc. The study focused on rare and up-and-coming benefits offered by companies.

Ikea landed a 4.4 out of 5 overall benefits rating, among the highest for companies reviewed by Glassdoor. The score is averaged based on ratings of one through five that users have shared on the service. Five, the highest, indicates that the employee is "very satisfied" with a benefit or perk.

Paid parental leave for full-time and part-time employees helped the furniture giant earn its high score. Bain & Co. Inc. had a 4.7 score, thanks in part to its travel perks, and Facebook Inc. known for great health care and high salaries, also scored 4.7. Starbucks, which offers tuition reimbursement for employees earning an online degree at Arizona State University, scored 4.3.

One of the few financial firms on the list, Goldman Sachs Group Inc. earned a 4.1 benefits rating. Among highlighted benefits is coverage for gender reassignment surgery, which the company has offered since 2008.

Among the more unusual benefits were haircuts, spa treatments and dental work, all from biotechnology company Genentech Inc., which earned a 4.3 benefits rating. Retailer Timberland offers 40 hours of paid time off (to be spent volunteering), and Deloitte offers partially paid sabbaticals.

When it comes to what benefits excite employees, health care is at the top of the list, followed by paid time off and retirement plans, according to research conducted by Glassdoor.

The most delicious perk comes from In-N-Out Burgers Inc. The fast-food joint offers a free Double-Double burger and fries during each shift. No word as to whether the beloved Animal Style option is included.

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